Winter draws in 
A time to wrap up in a layer or two…..
A slip of a silk dress under toasty knits
Rich velvety cord with the crunch of cotton lace
No fuss dresses with a slither of velvet
Natural simple beauty



At home with Mina Holland

On a slightly chilly October morning, we met Mina Holland, deputy editor at Guardian Feast magazine, writer, author and eater, in South London. With dog Ernie in tow and freshly brewed coffee aplenty she chose her favourite pieces from our Autumn...

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Archive Edwardian Mill Prints

How sweet are these small Edwardian mill prints! I've been using these simple micro prints for over two years now, but I still love them just as much as when I sourced the original tiny swatches. This Autumn I decided to...

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Corde du Roi

Coined from the French around the late 18th Century using the translation 'cloth of the King', corduroy has been a perennial classically British fabric since being worn by King Henry 8th in 16th Century Britain. However, it has also become...

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