Here Comes Autumn ...

Here Comes Autumn ...
A season of contrasts where vintage meets modern and rustic meets refined. 
Traditional tartan, velvety cords and textural woollens play hopscotch 
with tartan checks and playful prints from the isle of wonderland.
Softly tiered dresses join forces with homespun knits and Seventies inspired separates
for walks in the country to city strolls.
Clothes are made in limited quantities using beautiful fine fabrics and carefully curated prints.
Simple and timeless, designed for forever.



The Isle of Wonderland

How charming is this original Alice in Wonderland footage? Preserved and pieced together by the BFI Archive, this is the first known film of Lewis Carroll's incredibly enchanting Alice's Adventures in Wonderland story, first published in 1865... <div><small><a href="Look at...

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Tartan Fling

Tartan fabric epitomises the turn of autumn weather to crisp and cool with its rugged Highland provenance and has to be one of the most famous Scottish exports around the world. It never seems to go out of fashion and...

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Doing a bit of stitching

  ‘Mother’s in the kitchen,  Doing a bit of stitching..’ Playground rhyme , 1960's onwards..... I’m so pleased with the quality of stitching from the factory that makes my clothes.  High standards and old fashioned finishing is always what I...

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