A sneak peak behind the Spring Summer collection

By Jason Edwards

A sneak peak behind the Spring Summer collection

Behind every collection there are numerous tiny influences that slowly weave their way together to create the fabric and body of the final work. From a favourite childhood dress, fabrics from inspiring mills, paintings gazed at on rainy weekends, working with makers and customer feedback, all of these influences contribute to the creative process. 

Through running this tiny business, I'm working differently, openly and transparently with a new found freedom after years of working in the industry. I've always been very keen to share our journey with you, so whilst we are busy working on next season I wanted to take a moment to share a few 'behind the scenes' snapshots, from inspiration to sketches, fabric and colour palettes, all the way to a glimpse behind the photo shoot. 

I do hope you find this interesting and of course do send me any thoughts and ideas that you may have for the next season! 

Justine x

At the beginning we create mood and inspiration boards, this season was all about the Bloomsbury painters, Victorian aprons, ceramics, botanical paintings through to archive  Laura Ashley.


We then source fabrics and develop colour palettes that sit together to create mini stories to the collection. I have a big old ledger 'scrapbook' where fabrics are pasted. 


Designs are sketched, diagrams made, and specs given to the pattern cutters and makers. Here we have the London Fields dress. We're lucky to have worked with the same team from the beginning of the brand and know just what we are looking for. 

Lucy is our pattern cutter, draper and sample maker! Always service with a smile! 
Fitting and amending first samples.
Once the first samples are complete, we work with a small photographic team to see the clothes come to life on our regular model, Jade. Always a scary yet exciting day but James our photographer, is one of the most laid back in the business and always makes for a relaxing time.... Bob the cat creates good karma! 
And that's a wrap! With the shoot finished there's no going back ... we get on with the business of making our small production runs and load up the images on to the website.
We're off!..... 


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